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Back or Neck Pain?

Are you suffering from back or neck pain?  Physiotherapy Works.

Back and neck pain are suffered by everyone at some stage in their life, it is a normal life time occurrence.  However it is also what causes the most days off from work and accounts for the majority of GP appointments.

Back or Neck pain can be debilitating either because of the severity of pain or the movement restriction which accompanies it. The experience can be frightening as well as unnerving as there is no swelling or bruising to help demonstrate the severity of the experience.

There is evidence says that it is essential to keep moving and to understand that pain does not always equal damage.  Read this article on back pain myth busters.

At Redbourn Physio Clinic we believe in assessment by clinical diagnosis specialists and subsequent treatment of neck or back pain/stiffness which you can’t alleviate yourself.

Treatments are tailored to the individuals specific Clinical Diagnosis and may include:

  • An exploration of what’s wrong
  • Best advice
  • Massage, mobilisation, manipulation to improve movement restriction
  • Pain modulation via various methods: – Acupuncture, TENS, interferential relaxation, manual therapy, taping reassurance.
  • Home exercise programme to help with mobility, pain and strength
  • Written advice, links to useful back or pain resources

To book your initial one hour assessment + treatment for (Neck or Back Pain) click here (online booking)

REdbourn Physio for neck or back pain


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