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Marathon training tips

marathon training tips

How to train for your marathon Training for a marathon is not to be taken lightly. It is recommended to train for at least two to three months prior to the marathon so you can build up your pace and stamina. In order to avoid the pitfalls of marathon training, here is some advice from experienced marathon [read More…]

Want to beat diabetes?

Thrive - dealing with diabetes

Thrive Programme – is based on the latest research and fulfils the current official guidelines. In February 2019 the Thrive programme will be starting again.  If you have type 2 diabetes* or prediabetic** then please contact for more information.  The results have been life changing. “The Thrive Course has literally been life changing. I’ve been overweight [read More…]

Physiotherapy for Skiers – Black and Beyond

Heading for the ski slopes? For those of you lucky enough to be looking forward to a second trip to the slopes this season it may be a good time to gain more confidence on the black runs, moguls and even hone your skills for the off-piste. To ski difficult terrain and variable snow conditions [read More…]

All you need to know about Pilates

Pilates for rehabilitation is a body conditioning method that works in a different way to other fitness techniques.  

Shoulder Pain, Stiffness or Instability?

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, stiffness or instability then consider Physiotherapy. The majority of shoulder problems can be helped once the cause has been discovered. Common symptoms to look out for: Problems sleeping due to shoulder pain Difficult to get your arm in the sleeve of a coat or reach behind you Pain [read More…]

Top Tips: Our Guide to Running

Guide to running

Beginners Guide to Running More and more people are taking up running. Running is a great way to exercise and is becoming more popular in the UK. Park runs, 5km, 10km, half marathons and marathons are popping up all around the country in response to the demand for opportunities for people to enjoy their running.

Knee Pain Facts and Cycling Advice

Cycling and knee injury

Nearly everyone has experienced knee pain, whether caused by sudden injury, overuse, or an underlying condition such as arthritis. Symptoms of knee injury can include pain, swelling and stiffness.

Physiotherapy and Golf

Physiotherapy and golf

If you are a golfer please read why physiotherapy is important for you and your golf. Mark Brennan MCSP MMACP Physiotherapist Golf is one of the most technically demanding sports on the body.  There is an intense demand on the flexibility, control and strength of the body, all in a relatively short space of time, [read More…]

Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Benefits of Yoga For Men

Yoga isn’t just for Women. Men can benefit from the health benefits of Yoga too so if you are wondering whether it will benefit you (or the man in your life) here are a few reasons to give it a go:  Helps to improve flexibility Reduces tension in neck, shoulder, and back Prepares for mindful [read More…]

Knee Pain?

how physio can help knee injuries

Physio Works ! The majority of knee problems can be resolved with careful assessment and bespoke treatment.   Common concerns: Worried that it might get worse? Not sure what to do to help it? Worried about returning to sport? Can’t do what you want to? Had an injury? Gradual onset of pain and stiffness for [read More…]